Anna Veronica

'It's a Twin Flame story!'

Anna Veronica is the sequel to Olava and I am in the process of writing it. While Olava is dedicated to the Next Seven Generations, Anna Veronica is dedicated to Our Ancestors who Walked this Earth Before Us. When the book is finished, it will be published in English and later in Danish and Norwegian.

Anna Veronica is the granddaughter of Olava. She is named Anna after Olava's mother and Veronica after the medicine woman (shuvani) among the Romani people that Olava met when she was a young woman. Anna Veronica is the girl who was by her grandmother's death bed and she remembers her with love. If you think Olava's story was heartbreaking, then meet her granddaughter. I love her from the core of my very being! 

Anne-Lene Bleken | - Norway and Denmark |