Miss Susie with the Magical Sunglasses is no doubt the most adorable cat in the whole universe. At least in her own mind. In the first story she tells us about the worst day of her life when she wakes up from her beauty sleep and finds that her magical sunglasses have disappeared without a trace.
Stories for Sillyheads and other people is a collection of seven short, funny, adventurous, and imaginative stories for children and grown-ups. The stories are: His Royal Highknees The Rooster of the Hen House, The Easter Bunny who Fell into a Hole, George and the Grumpy Mud Monster, The Forest Mouse, the Witch and the Three Wishes, The Hedgehog Henry with the Soft Spines, Ellen Unicorn’s First Day at School, My Grandma Says Meow.
Wild and Wondrous Stories from the Waterfront is a collection of seven stories that in a magical way create a world where imagination, dreams and reality build a bridge between humans, animals, birds, and other living beings in nature. The stories are: The Two Swans Who Talked in Their Swim, The Waterfront Munching Race, The Seal Who Sent Flipper Kisses, The Seagulls' Morning Meeting, The Apple Tree and the Two Cheerful Grandmothers, Such is the Life of a Blackbird and The Waves That Played Peek-a-boo.
The Donkey is a crazy comedy! A young man wakes up in an old shed far out in the countryside with a serious hangover and finds out that his friends have chained him to a donkey with a pair of handcuffs after his bachelor party. He suddenly remembers that he is getting married later that same day, but time is short, and the donkey is stubborn. The Donkey is a parody about how society often debates on the most bizarre situations – a satire about democracy in its most extreme and off the wall form.
Two Short Stories: Look at Me and Every Little Moment is a book with two heartwarming short stories about life and death.
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