The Donkey - a crazy comedy!

Well, guess what? The Donkey is now out in English as an ebook on Amazon. Because honestly...

... what would you do if you woke up in an old shed far out in the countryside with a serious hangover and find out that you're chained to a donkey with a pair of handcuffs and suddenly remember that you're getting married later that same day?

The short story; The Donkey is an absurd comedy. It is about a young guy who wakes up in a shed early in the morning after his bachelor party. He is getting married later that same day but finds himself in big trouble because his friends have handcuffed him to a Donkey. He doesn’t know if he will make it in time to his own wedding. He is far out in the countryside and the donkey is stubborn, but eventually he finds a bus stop. When the bus arrives, he tries to get the donkey onto the bus; but now everyone starts to interfere and discuss whether the donkey should go on the bus or not. The conversation is at times completely absurd and runs off track again and again. Eventually the desperate groom has a fit of rage, but nobody seems to take him seriously. Everyone is too busy expressing their own opinions. The Donkey is a parody about how society often debates on the most bizarre situations – a satire about democracy in its most extreme and off the wall form.

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