"Det er den perfekte julehistorie." Angela Millikin, skolelærer.

'It's the perfect Christmas story.' Angela Millikin, school teacher.

The Mollimi People from Deep Space is a story from my heart to all of us who dwell in space and dream of a better world. I have dedicated it to my loving mum.

The Mollimi People from Deep Space is a fantasy story for all age groups from about 8-9 years and up. The story is about Amitola and Motega from the planet Mollimi, who at the age of 13 will go on a mission to another planet in the Universe. When the magic fountain in the hut of the two elderly Mollimi people Ahanu and Aquene shows a flaming eye, they know that The Intergalactic Committee has gathered and that time has come. When Earth shows up in the fountain and the sounds from this planet tell them that all is not well there, it is decided that Amitola and Motega's mission will be to visit this planet and its people. At a ceremony in the evening around the fire, they receive a medallion that enables them to travel in time and space. Equipped with heart arrows, made in the magic fountain, they go on their first journey to Earth. Here they meet Emma and Martin, 12 years of age. The also meet their class mates, their teacher, Emma's family as well as other people. Soon mysterious and mystical things start to happen to the people on Earth.

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Anne-Lene Bleken | - Norway and Denmark |