"Kjempekoselig bok. Elsket av meg og mine barnebarn på 5 og 11 år." Marny Elin Fretheim-Nielsen, bestemor. 

'A wonderful book. Loved by me and my grandchildren 5 and 11 years of age.' Marny Elin Fretheim-Nielsen, grandmother.

Tulle, Trulle, Mulle and the Humans is a fairy tale story for children aged 5-11. 

This book is so much inner child work for me and I have a bubbly feeling in my tummy when I think of it. The work of the illustrator Nina Flatnes Bratbak is simply wonderful and it takes the book to a whole new level. The stories about these three troll girls go many years back to when our two daughters were little girls. Tulle, Trulle and Mulle popped up in my mind one night at bed time and from then on my daughters wanted to hear a new story about these three troll girls every night before bed time. 18-20 years passed when the stories suddendly re-appeared in my mind. This was one night when I was putting my nephew and niece to bed, and encouraged by my mum and the rest of my family, I started writing the book, which has eight little stories in it.

Tulle, Trulle, Mulle and the Humans; e-book in English on Amazon.

Tulle, Trulle, Mulle og menneskene; trykt bok, e-bok og lydbok på norsk.

Norsk lydbok på og lyd-/e-bok 

Tulle, Trulle, Mulle og menneskene; e-bog på dansk. 

YouTube channel where I read from the book in Norwegian.
Har du en liten trolljente i magen som ønsker å ordne opp når menneskene ikke er snille mot hverandre, ja da er historiene om Tulle, Trulle, Mulle og menneskene sikkert noe for deg. Boka kan lånes på alle bibliotekene i Norge, som fysisk bok, e-bok og lydbok og du kan bestille den på for 298,- (inklusiv porto).
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